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Bunny is a small village situated in South Nottinghamshire, England. The village has been a place of settlement for many centuries, possibly as far back as Roman times. This website, set-up and maintained by the Bunny Village History Society, has been created to present some of the information that has been collated on the village.

This site contains transcriptions of Bunny's baptisms from 1715 to 1929, marriages from 1556 to 1929, burials from 1715 to 1899, census returns from 1841 to 1911 and all readable Churchyard inscriptions.

Bunny Parish Council information is now available on this site including minutes of meetings, agendas, general notices, list of members and other useful information.


VE Day 75th Anniversary

Plans are being formulated nationally for events in May 2020 to mark the 75th anniversary of the ending of WW2, and the parish council are looking for ways to join in the activities that will be taking place. Please click here to find out more.

Recently updated

  • The January issue of the Bunny Bulletin in now available
  • The December issue of the Bunny Bulletin in now available
  • The November issue of the Bunny Bulletin in now available



Bunny Church - October 2018


The Southwell and Nottingham DAC Church History Project, a collaboration between the University of Nottingham and The Church of England (Diocese of Southwell and Nottingham), is documenting information about all of the churches in the Diocese of Southwell and Nottingham. Their page for Bunny Church is now available and is worth a visit for anyone interested in the Church

Those who have passed through Bunny may have noticed the excellent new village walks now available on the noticeboards throughout the village. Copies of these are now available to download.
Overview of all walks, Walk1, Walk2, Walk3, Walk4, Walk5, Walk6, Walk7, Walk8, Walk9, Walk10, Walk11 and Walk12

At the Parkyns' midsummer festival on Sunday 26th June 2011, a quarter peal of Bunny Surprise Minor rang out from the church bells. This method had not been rung for over thirty years in the tower that it was written for many centuries ago. Click here to listen to a sample of the peal (please allow a short time for it to load).

Bunny Village Centre - Click for a full sized image


Do you have any Bunny memorabilia? Any photos or information, no matter how small or recent, would be well received for our archive. We will of course be happy with photocopies of photographs or documents. Please contact us on the email address above if you are able to help.

For links to Nottinghamshire Genealogy sites and other sites of interests, visit the Bunny Village Links Page.

To contact the Bunny Village History Society, please email info@bunnyvillage.org.uk.
If you have any comments on the website, please email webmaster@bunnyvillage.org.uk.

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